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In 2017 I bought my first Subaru: a worn-out $440 1987 Subaru DL wagon for the OG Oregon Gambler 500. Two weeks later photobucket broke the internet, and most of the threads I was relying on to modify the car.

My goal is not to replace USMB, NASIOC, or any other messaging board, but to self host as much content as possible to ensure it doesn't go away again in the future.

This is where you come in. Working on a write-up? Awesome. Post it to your favorite messaging board, and send me it. Lets make sure these writeups don't disappear in the future. Don't own content and just want me to link to it here? cool. Email me your list of your favorite build threads. The focus is on subaru builds, but generic build info like bumpers, tire carriers, fender folding techniques are all welcome.

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lifted subaru 4x4

1985-96 Engine Torque Specs

— Generic Info

by Brian Bradburn


The original source for this (, as of 8/2018 is akin to malware. The ads bring me back to the early 2000s in all of the worst ways, just use the PDFs I made and save yourself the aggravation. Some images were missing when I archived the pages.

Engine Archive
1.2L Engine PDF
1.6L Engines PDF
1.8L (1820cc) Engine PDF
1.8L(1781cc) Engine PDF
2.2L Engine PDF
85-93 3.3L Engine PDF
85-96 2.5L Engine PDF
85-96 2.7L Engine PDF